Demond and Javon Johnson

Demond and Javon Johnson

We’re back!

We want to celebrate Demond and Javon Johnson.


Did you miss us? Honest, we were not playing hooky, but we did miss a few days. We promise to get caught up soon and today we give you an eight pack of Johnson’s.

Actually, we were off to a conference to learn more about vibrant communities. Here is one thing we have come to appreciate: Vibrant People make Vibrant Places. That is one reason why we are happy to celebrate families like the Johnson’s.

Demond and Javon Johnson are the parents of six children whose ages range from eighteen to just over a year. They are a loving and close-knit family.

“What can I tell you about this family?” Demond asks with a chuckle in response to our inquiry. He pauses for a moment and then says, “Sports. Lots of sports.” Think of the family as Team Johnson.

The oldest daughter, DeJanae finished her all-star volleyball career at Memorial High School and will be attending the University of Indianapolis next fall.

The next three daughters are all talented basketball players.

The youngest has yet to establish themselves athletically, but we have to believe their time will come.

The Johnson’s describe themselves as a simple Christian family. “There are so many of us,” Demond says, “we are always doing things with each other.” Between sports, church, and school there is little time for anything else.

The Johnson parents are hard working. They own and operate Seed Tyme Daycare in Elkhart. Yes, they do really like kids.

The Johnson kids do well academically. Their parents have set high standards and they rise to the occasion.

There is no denying the importance of family, church, and sports in Elkhart County. The Johnson’s embrace them all and we are happy to recognize them.