Derrell Weaver

Derrell Weaver


The first word he ever spoke was “rainbow.”  To those who meet him, Derrell Weaver is like a rainbow – colorful, shining and likely to warm your spirit.  He has an enthusiastic greeting and a wave for everyone. He is genuinely delighted when he can bring a smile to your face.

Derrell is a bagger at Martin’s Supermarket across the street from his alma mater, Concord High School.  While only an eighth grader, Derrell was designated as an “Honorary Minuteman.”  While at Concord, he was recognized for his attitude and working to his full ability.  Since graduation he has been trying to prepare himself for independent living.

It is easy to see how much Derrell enjoys his work and interacting with staff and customers.  His supervisor at Martin’s described him as “bubbly and outgoing.”  “Derrell has a big heart,” she said. “He’s a cheerful guy.”  One of his co-workers agreed: “He’s always like that.”

Derrell likes dogs and, like most teenagers, enjoys playing on his phone and watching videos.  His mother said, “He’s just a neat kid.”  And one who makes the lives of others a little brighter.