Dina Harris

Dina Harris


“She’s everywhere! She’s everywhere!”  So might claim those who know Dina Harris.  Between work in South Bend and volunteer work throughout Elkhart county, Dina is always on the move.

As a fund-raiser for Indiana University South Bend, Dina tries to find those who are willing and able to support a regional campus.  As a member of the Executive Committee of the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, she is a champion for area businesses large, small and in between.  As a relatively new member of the Lerner Theatre board, she is committed to keeping Elkhart’s showplace a desirable venue for performers and patrons alike.  She is often asked for advice and assistance with projects and programs. She is a master and building and maintaining meaningful relationships.

From spring through fall, Dina can be found in her garden.  Her dahlias are awe inspiring as are the zinnias, asters and dozens of other types of flowers, plants, herbs and spices she grows.  Dina has been known to quite vociferously implore them to grow.  It seems to work. She is presently using this method on her new indoor herb garden and it is just about ready to be harvested.

You won’t find flowers in the garden only.  They are omni-present throughout Dina’s house.  She is a superb flower arranger.  She aptly believes her arrangements make her place warmer and more homey.

Dina is also a sports fan.  She played softball and was a championship caliber racquetball player back in the day. When she was in her 50’s, she took up hockey and thoroughly enjoyed being on the ice.  When she scored her first (and only) goal, they stopped the game and awarded her the game puck.

Like many hockey players, Dina retired when she became concerned about breaking something.  In her case, it was a fingernail.  Dina went from skater to storyteller, twice writing about her hockey career for Michiana Monologues.  In one piece, she described the highlight of her career: “That hockey smell?  It was me!!!”

Dina loves to travel, but has a horrendous sense of direction.  She has a quick and easy laugh, but can never remember the joke.  She likes fine food, enjoys fresh fruit in her mojitos, appreciates a good foot massage and takes great pleasure in dining on the patio.  She also enjoys getting out and about and taking in many of the things to see and do in Elkhart County.

Dina is a devoted spouse, loving parent and adoring grandmother.  Family matters lots.

Originally Dina did not want to move to Elkhart.  It now the only place she calls home.


Full Disclosure:  Dina has been this writer’s wife for 40+ years and she is the love of my life.