Donna Persing

Donna Persing

Donna Persing • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

The Vibrant Woman from Nappanee today is Donna Persing!!


When we called Donna Persing, she was busy. We had caught her while she was in the midst of planting Nappanee’s Quit Garden and was unable to talk. We did catch up with her later when 1,972 plants were in the ground, watered and the cleanup was complete.

Donna tells us she likes to stay in the background, but as we see it, is she is smack dab in the middle of a whole bunch of things. She is the Director of the Nappanee Apple Festival. She has been a 12-year member of the Noon Kiwanis. She is an officer of the local Chamber of Commerce. There is the quilt garden, of course as well as the business she and husband, Richard own.

Many from around Nappanee trust their vehicles with Persing Tire and Auto Service. They are relied on for their quality work and appreciated for their friendly reminders and value-added services.

Donna is respected by those who know her. That she takes on the responsibilities of Treasurer of most of the organizations she is involved with reflects her talents and the trust she has earned. She also claims that is due to her wanting to be behind the scenes.

Family is a big part of Donna and Rick’s life. They have two daughters and a son as well as six grandchildren. The kids are active. Watching them play sports like baseball in the summer something Donna enjoys very much.

Donna has taught Sunday school for many years. Her students are between one and a half and two and a half years old. She likes to point out that some of the adults who currently assist her with the class, were once her pupils.

Donna came to Nappanee from Ohio over 40 years ago. She is now firmly entrenched here and plans to remain a vital and vibrant part of her community.