Dr. Don Minter

Dr. Don Minter


“90 years of wisdom always shared with grace and humility, behind a smile that never fades.”  So states Dawn Fisher in her nomination of Dr. Don Mintner as one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People.  Dawn goes on to say, “Don is an intelligent, deep thinker, but in personal conversation, he will always make you feel like the most important person at that moment.”

If you live in Goshen, chances are you know Dr. Mintner.  If you were born in Goshen, the odds are good that he delivered you or gave you a school physical.  When you were older, quite possibly, it was he who explained your stomach pain was from too many tacos and that you were likely to survive.  A Family Physician in practice for over 50 years, Dr. Mintner is now retired.  Retired, but still involved and engaged with Goshen and Elkhart County.  It is home and he loves it here.

Don is a man at peace with himself.  He is an environmentalist and is a staunch advocate for youth and families.  He is the sort of man you would enjoy knowing and would like to have on your side.

Described by his friends as “incredibly humble,” Don remains dedicated to enriching the lives of others.  Kevin Deary, CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Elkhart County says without reservation, “Don is like no one I have ever met before.  When I think of a vibrant person, I think of Don Mintner. His sense of vibrancy and his love for this community is contagious.”  Kevin goes on to explain that Dr. Mintner played a key role in bringing him to this area.  “I can’t leave,” Kevin says. “I couldn’t bring myself to explain that I’d be moving. When I think of all the things the Boys and Girls clubs have become, you can be sure Don played an important part.”

Dawn Fisher concluded her nomination like this: Don is “a soft-spoken treasure. He has accomplished much and his legacy on this community will last a very long time.”