Dr. Plez Lovelady

Dr. Plez Lovelady

Dr. Plez Lovelady • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Dr. Plez Lovelady.


Dr. Plez Lovelady is a gracious man. He has the gift of making everyone around him feel special. He is kind and warm-hearted. Friends say he “has a giving heart.” He has become a father figure to many and he is there for them to give guidance and support.

We asked those who nominated Dr. Lovelady to tell us about him. Here is what they said: “Dr. Lovelady spends every second and fourth Wednesday of the month running Mustard Seed Pantry out of his church, South Side Baptist. Proceeds for the pantry come from his own pocket. Each month, he makes trips to the Northern Food Bank in Indianapolis. He and his deacon, Jerry Tuggle rent a U-Haul and make this journey so people in the Treasure Island Area (Baugo Township) and surrounding areas of Elkhart can have three meals for the week.”

Dr. Lovelady is also Chancellor of Beluah Bible Seminary and College. He teaches what he preaches. Kindness, love for Family, Neighbors, and God.

Much of what Dr. Lovelady does is handled quietly and without fanfare. We laud him for his efforts.