Eriberta Perez

Eriberta Perez


If you know someone who can stretch a day from 24 to 48 hours, please contact Eriberta Perez of Elkhart.  A 72 hour day might be even better.  Eribita does so much and has so much more that she wants to do, she says she needs a longer day.  “Life is short,” she says. “You have to share your time.”  There is no question Eribita has a lot to share and she uses her time and energy in ways that have a positive effect on others.

Eribita is a small business owner, fitness instructor, dancer, local radio personality and volunteer board member.  Her daughter, Yolo describes her as “hospitable, encouraging, athletic, bright, intelligent, bilingual and energetic.” Yolo does not exaggerate.  She could also add warm-hearted, joyful and a delight to know.

Eriberta is owner of Mexico Beauty Salon on South Main Street in Elkhart.  There she welcomes all kinds of customers.  One of her special delights is when she gets to cut the hair of a whole family.  “It’s a family shop,” she says.  “I like to take care of the family. I love taking care of my community.”

By assuming a position on the Board of Directors of La Casa will give Eriberta another opportunity to support the community.  She just started and is excited about the opportunity to help the organization become even more beneficial.

Helping others become more fit is another thing Eriberta does.  She leads a class in Aqua-Zumba, getting Elkhart’s older folks moving in the pool to stay fit and trim.  “I love my seniors,” Eribita says with obvious joy.  She also leads Zumba classes at the Kroc Center in South Bend.

On Monday afternoons between 4:00 and 6:00 pm you can hear Eriberta on the radio. She and her husband Miguel Cabrera host a program on Radio Horizonte 104.3 FM.

Her daughter Yolo says that Eribita’s most special talent is dancing.  She enjoys dancing to all types of Latin music and she has been trained in Mexican folklore dance.  She does not brag, but you know she is proud of her knowledge of the folk dances from all of Mexico’s states.  Sharing those folklore traditions with the people of Elkhart is one of her dreams.  With her drive and energy, you can be sure that is one dream that will come true.