Eric Garton

Eric Garton

Eric Garton • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for today is Eric Garton


“When someone tells you they moved to Elkhart County from California, it’s an easy guess it wasn’t for our wonderful weather. Eric Garton, the Executive Director of Wellfield Botanical Gardens saw the passion and commitment those who live here have for the community and decided it was the place to be.

It was almost four years ago that Eric moved here with his wife, Jaime and 15-year-old son, Palmer. The family has settled in nicely and Eric has become one of Elkhart County’s true champions.

The Garton family has become, what Eric describes as “tourists in our own county.” They enjoy exploring the cities and towns around the area. They have also ventured out to other parts of the region. “We have a three-hour radius pretty well dialed in,” Eric tells us.

Eric talks about looking for new places and bringing home ideas to share. He has an uncanny ability to find unusual spots to visit and return with something worth considering. Where does he find them? One of Eric’s friends tells us that Eric is “able to find the most obscure museum or roadside attraction wherever he goes.”

Eric has brought a bundle of energy and enthusiasm to Wellfield Gardens. He sees the details of what is there and the potential of what might be. He inspires others to be attentive to nature and loves their time at the gardens.

Eric cites his involvement in Rotary as a great way to learn about the community. “Joining Rotary was a no brainer,” he tells us, “but it’s been a big help.” We are not sure Eric could have avoided becoming a Rotarian here in Elkhart County. We are sure he has fully embraced the Rotary’s commitment to making Wellfield Gardens a world-class venue.

We were told Eric and his family have been enjoying the winters here. We are glad for that. We are even happier that it is May, one of the nicest times of the year. We are happier still that Eric and his family have made this place their home.