Faith Nickell

Faith Nickell

Faith Nickell • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Faith Nickell is today’s Vibrant Person!

“She’s our girl and she brightens our restaurant.” So says Christy Elridge, owner of Sports Time Family Pub and Grill on County Road 17. She is talking about Faith Nickell, one of the restaurant’s staff. Faith has Down Syndrome and she is a terrific ambassador for those with special needs. She is also one heck of an employee.

Faith’s customers and co-workers love her. “We have wrapped our arms around her,” Christy tells us. “And she has done the same. She likes to work here.”

Faith is very personable. She has a kind face and a lovely smile. She makes those around her feel at ease. Her mother Stacey says, “I am constantly amazed at what a positive impact she has on people.”

Faith’s family are also regular diners at Sports Time. When there is live music on Friday nights, chances are good you will find Faith up and dancing. She has also been known to join with the band, play tambourine and sing with them.

Sports Time is always a welcoming place for a meal and a beverage. It is just a little more so on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons between 1 and 3. That’s when Faith is on duty. You should stop by for lunch. Be sure to ask for Faith.