Gale Gerber

Gale Gerber

Gale Gerber • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


After years playing gigs all over the area, one-time drummer Gale Gerber laid down his sticks and sold his kit. These days, Gale beats a different drum. He is an enthusiastic supporter of Nappanee and Elkhart County, especially the festivals and fairs.

At one time, Gale was Director of the Nappanee Apple Festival. He remains an active volunteer. Gale is a past-President of the Elkhart County Fair. You will still find him roaming the exhibits, halls, and midway for two weeks each July. He also helps run the Commercial Buildings on the fairgrounds. Currently, Gale is a board member of the state’s Festival Association. He still finds time to serve as the City of Nappanee’s Utility Director.

Jeff Kitson of the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce says, “Gale is a giving man who finds time for all people everywhere he goes.” Jeff does not mention that Gale keeps his plate full, but he does. Jeff does add that Gale is known to being “caring, sharing and being joyful.”

It is easy to appreciate that last comment. It is obvious that Gale is a pretty joyful guy once you hear him laugh. Gale’s laughter is robust and easily triggered. It can help bring even the most somber rooms to life.

Gale has a loving sidekick in wife Sarah. We asked how long they have been married. The response was, “A lllllllooonnnnnnnnggg time.” We pressed further, asking Sarah: “How many years?” She immediately pushed back with a smile: “Do you want the total number of years or just the happily married ones?” We finally learned that it’s been 39 years and things are all good.
Gale and Sarah have raised two children and are delighted by their granddaughter.

In summers, when they are not at fairs and festivals, the Gerber’s head off to their campsite to relax. Once a year they hitch the camper up and head off to visit friends or discover something new.