Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Hannah Mitchell!!!


Hannah Mitchell has a big heart and a bright smile. Her friends tell us she has an incredible ability for taking on challenges and helping others. Her drive, they say, is remarkable and her spirit is unbreakable. She is kind, compassionate and always seems to be helping others.

There are certain events in life that can stress people out. Taking on a new job is one. Moving to a new house is another. Hannah has done both recently and she seems very much at ease dealing with the transitions.

Hannah works at Corvilla in South Bend. There she helps students with disabilities deal with issues related to careers or college and, at times, just be young. She listens carefully and helps share her knowledge and experience. She leads by example.

Hannah has been married to Brandon for seven years. They have a daughter named Faith who is age two. The time she spends with them is precious.

Gardening is another thing Hannah enjoys and we have a wish for her in her new home:

May the ground be fertile and the sun always bright.

May your roots be deep, your stems be strong and your blossoms be abundant.

May you find happiness and contentment and continue to enjoy the flowers you grow.