Heather Bohn

Heather Bohn


 Concord High School Principal Lisa Kendall describes Heather Bohn, the school’s Secretary and Student Council Advisor, as a “selfless, kind, hardworking dedicated student advocate.” Ms. Kendall says Heather is “an amazing asset” to the school. Her colleague, Kendra Divine says, “Mrs. Bohn excels as a clever and caring secretary at Concord High School, but she absolutely shines as the Student Council adviser.”

Heather says, “Working with the students is so uplifting.  I love seeing them step out of their comfort zones and develop as leaders.”  She guides the students through community service projects, encouraging a diverse group of kids to reach their full potential while preparing them for the future.  She is currently assisting Student Council members raise money so they can attend a national leadership conference this spring.

When nominating Heather, Kendra Divine said, Heather “embodies a spirit of compassion and the desire to make a difference.” She goes on to say, Heather “never fails to put a smile on your face and brighten you day.”

Heather has a thing for bright sunny days. When the weather is warm, she and husband Dave take to the water.  They relish the time they get spend aboard their speedboat.

Lately, Heather has been channeling her inner Marie Kondo and striving to better organize her home and make things tidier.  In keeping with the spirit of the hostess of the Netflix show “Tidying Up,” Heather is striving to reduce clutter by getting rid of those things around the house that no longer bring her joy.

Don’t worry Dave, you’re safe.  Heather does wish one thing, however, that “he would stop rolling his eyes when he sees me doing that.”