Jalyn Stofleth

Jalyn Stofleth


There are kids.  There are active kids.  And then there are super-vibrant fireballs like Jalyn Stofleth of Goshen.   Jalyn is a delightful youngster with red hair, bright blue eyes, a spray of freckles and a big smile.

A sixth grader at Benton Elementary, Jalyn enjoys her classes, is on student council and is part of several other school clubs.  While she is pretty brainy, Jalyn is certainly not the nerdy type.  She loves the outdoors, plays football, raises steer as member of 4-H and – look out – she is a Ninja girl.

No doubt, Jalyn is a do-er.  She has visited nursing homes and is a Reading Buddy to younger children. Last year, she hosted an event called “Shine through Slime.”  This was a chance for kids to share making and playing with slime, that gooey stuff that is so much fun.  It was a great success.

According to her mom Kristen, Jalyn aspires to be a pediatric surgeon someday.  Ambitious dreams for a young girl.  For now, she is happy experiencing all that she can and being a positive role model for other kids.  No matter what the future brings, Jalyn Stofleth should do just fine.  As one of her favorite quotes states, “She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.”