Jami Stamm

Jami Stamm

Jami Stamm • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person on Monday is Jami Stamm!!!


Jami Stamm knows Vibrant Communities need volunteers who are committed and active. She tells us she is grateful for her family’s support as it has allowed her to be involved in several worthy organizations.

Jami admits with a smile that she is “probably addicted to community service.” The Boys and Girls Club, Tri Kappa, the 4-H Fair, and Concord Rotary are all better off because of people like Jami. “I love this community,” Jami tells us. “I just love it.”

Chad, Jami’s husband of 24 years says about her, “She is such a hardworking, giving person who loves to bless others and serves tirelessly in many areas of the community.”

Jami believes that when you “invest in a community you get to see all the good things that are happening.” She is absolutely right. Being a volunteer for anything worthwhile can open your eyes to the many positive things that are going on in Elkhart County.

Although she was born and raised in Middlebury, Jami has a strong affinity for Elkhart. She has a special feeling for Concord schools. Jami and Chad live in the Concord School District and raised their two sons there. Austin is 21 and Micah is 19.