Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez


 “I am the product of the people who gave me chances and opportunities,” so states Javier Jimenez, the Principal at Concord’s Ox Bow Elementary School.  “I like to pay it forward,” he says and he walks the talk.

Javier came to the U.S. from Venezuela.  Like many from that country, he played baseball and he was good enough to play in college.  For four years he played shortstop at Bethel.  During that time, he says he also begged for an inning on the mound.  He finally got there, but he was pretty quiet about how well he did.

Javier has a great feel for people and says he “like for people to enjoy being around” him.  When nominating Javier, Julie Beer said, “Like most principals, Javi loves kids.  But he’s always going the extra mile for families.  He is dedicated to educating students in Elkhart County.”

Away from school, Javier is taking up golf.  “I am trying to love it,” he says with a tone that is similar to those who play what can be a frustrating sport.  “I enjoy going out and walking nine holes with my friends.”  Now that’s an attitude that will keep him from dumping his clubs in a pond.

As much as Javier likes being at school (and you can tell he really does), likes getting home to his wife and two boys “to be a dad and husband.”

Well said, Javier.  Gracias.