Jeannie Dudley

Jeannie Dudley

Jeannie Dudley • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our very Vibrant Person today is Jeannie Dudley


Nappanee is a most hospitable place and it is quite likely Jeannie Dudley is the town’s finest hostess. That’s what we’ve been told and we are inclined to believe it.

Jeannie loves to entertain. Planning, organizing, shopping, cooking, and serving… she enjoys it all. She tells us she doesn’t mind cleaning up either. “The kitchen is my happy place,” she says and we have learned that when Jeannie is happy, her guests are delighted.

Jeannie is a widow and she has created a busy social circle for herself and others like her. She founded a group for women who have lost their spouses. The group is called “God’s Gals.” They meet once a month or so and partake in various activities or visit places of interest throughout Elkhart County.

Jeannie does the planning for the group, makes the arrangements, handles the reservations and makes sure everyone is taken care of. To call Jeannie caring and generous of spirit just scratches the surface. She has a strong belief in a higher power, lives out her faith and is always willing to help.

Jeannie grew up in Nappanee. She had lived elsewhere, but after a few years, Jeannie found herself back home. She was a florist for nearly 50 years. These days, Jeannie exercises regularly and has her group of widows. Chances are good she is also thinking about the next time she will be welcoming friends and family to her home.