Jeff Lafferty

Jeff Lafferty

Nobody has it better than Jeff Lafferty. Just ask him.Jeff loves living – so much so that he has beaten back cancer time and time again. It’s a good thing too.  Just ask his friends. There’s a whole bunch of people who think the world of Jeff and are sure happy he’s around.

Jeff is one of the nicest, kindest, most giving people you could ever meet. If you have ever been to an ice rink in the area, chances are you’ve seen Jeff. Simply said, Jeff is just nuts about hockey (and a little crazy too – he was a goalie after all).

He has a coached, scouted, served on committees, run clinics, kept score and has been the PA announcer.  He always reminds kids that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  Few people with Jeff’s talents for doing things are able to match his hard work as a volunteer.

Jeff’s younger son Andrew plays and his older son Matt referees. His daughter Ashley plays violin and that’s just fine too. Jeff, his wife Chris and family live in Elkhart.

Jeff also likes the Chicago Blackhawks, Notre Dame Hockey and Michigan Football.  He is a walking encyclopedia of popular culture and chances are good that song you were thinking about is on his phone.