Jeff Sweazy

Jeff Sweazy


 About Jeff Sweazy, Bria Pletcher says he is “such a vibrant light. His smile and humor can light up the darkest room.”  He has been been described by friends and family as happy, energetic, super friendly, caring, kind-hearted, charming and hilarious.  Mikayla Fletcher adds, Jeff “takes care of everyone regardless if he knows you or not. He’s a great guy and an even better citizen!”

Smoking delicious meets is part science and part art. When the really good stuff is done just right, it is a feast for all the senses.  As owner of Sweazy Q Catering, Jeff takes his craft very seriously.  Some say he is the best BBQ chef around.  That’s high praise for someone who turned a hobby into a business.  Jeff started Sweazy Q after he lost his long-time job.  It might have been tough at first, but Jeff is the kind of guy who won’t let things get him down for long.

While the food is really good, the way Jeff treats people also gets high marks. At every event he works he acknowledges everyone and makes sure everyone is taken care of.  Rebecca Figgins sums it up nicely.  She says Jeff is “Always friendly, family oriented, goes above and beyond for the customers and others and serves great food.  He is happy, energetic, takes care of his work, employees and customers.”

Jeff lives in Dunlap, in a home his grandfather built after the Palm Sunday twin tornados.  There, he and his wife Nancy raised two children.  The kids are out of the house now, but still live in the community.

It was while the Sweazy youngsters were in school that Jeff built his reputation as a “band Dad.”  Like some devoted parents, Jeff put in thousands of hours doing that which was needed to help the Concord Band perform at their best.

Nominating her husband was Nancy’s idea.  She mentioned it to a few people. They got on board and submitted Jeff’s name too.  By the time we started writing this, there were so many people who recommended Jeff, we started to wonder if this guy was fictional.  It only took a few phone calls with friends and family, however, that got us right.  We can now say, incontrovertibly Jeff Sweazy is the real deal.

By the way, one person told us “Jeff is not fully dressed unless he is wearing a smile.” Keep smiling, Jeff