Jen Buckholz

Jen Buckholz

Jen Buckholz • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Get in line, people. Our Vibrant Person today is Jen Buckholz!!!


“Jen Buckholz is fierce.” That’s what her friend, Martha Miller said when she nominated her. She also said, “She is a beautiful human being.” From our perspective, both are apt descriptions. She is also a very Vibrant Person.

Jen has been able to build her life around what she loves and what she loves to do. There is family, of course, Jen and husband Tim have “three kiddos.” There is Chase, age 13. Breya is 10 and Zuri is nine years old.

Jen is into fitness and she is an instructor at LOL (seriously) in Goshen. She encourages the women in her classes to work as hard as they can and enjoy the wins, both big and small.

When you watch a high school marching band perform, you are sure to notice the color guard doing their routines. They are choreographed to interpret the music, rehearsed again and again and get on the field with flags, mock rifles or sabers. These athletes (and yes, they can be classified as such) do not get so good by magic. It takes someone like Jen to provide direction.

Jen is the Director for four of the area’s high schools’ color guards. These year-round programs are very competitive and all that Jen directs perform at state championship levels. Jen tells us she is fortunate they are all competing in different classes.

Even with family responsibilities and “guard duty,” Jen still finds time to go out and have some fun. Her friends tell us people are drawn to her. She loves the people around her and invests in their comradery.

Football season is coming soon. That means “Friday night lights” and half time shows by the band. Most weeks, that means four different performances for Jen’s squads. No wonder she keeps in great shape. Jen Buckholz is a mover and shaker.