Jill Windy

Jill Windy

Jill Windy • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Saturday’s Vibrant Person is Dr. Jill Windy.


So, Jill Windy, tell us what you do.”

“Well, I’m a doctor, a vet. I own a business. I am a wife and a mother. I am a competitive dancer. And,” she adds with a laugh, “I get tired. But, it’s all great.”

Jill Windy has lots to do, but chances are she wouldn’t change a thing. With the support of her family, she is able to do a whole lot.

Jill has a great appreciation for the support of others. She tells us about the time she was coping with cancer. “There were so many people who helped. There were friends and friends of friends. People we didn’t even know were there for us. They came out of the woodwork.” It was the ripple effect of a vibrant community in action.

When asked what that outpouring of caring felt like, Jill responded in a flash, “We gotcha!” That’s the way she describes how people in Elkhart County are there for you if you need them.

That’s how it so often is around here. Somebody needs a little help and people are there to provide it. Jill felt that, profoundly, and it helped convince her what a great place this is.

Jill is always ready to do what she can to help. Several years ago, she was asked to give a hand with a little fundraiser for the Samaritan Center. What she did not know at the time was that it would require her to learn to dance in order to participate in a “Dancing with the Stars” sort of thing. Despite a little trepidation at the start, she did her bit.

Seven years later, Jill is still dancing and she loves it.

Jill and her husband, Matt came to Elkhart almost 20 years ago. As a young veterinarian, she had the chance to join the staff at Noah’s Landing clinic. She is now the owner and working hard on behalf of pets and their families. She has been published in professional journals, speaks about caring for animals and gives students a chance to experience what it’s like working at a veterinary clinic.

Jill also finds time to sing, play the flute and French horn in a band at the church the Windy family attends. “Occasionally, they make me stand behind the keyboard too,” she adds.

As you can tell, Jill believes that it is important to be involved. “It is what you make it,” she says. As she has learned, “There are lots of amazing people and things in our community.”

Jill Windy is one of those who make it that way.

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