Jodi Hochstetler

Jodi Hochstetler

Jodi Hochstetler • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Jodi Hochstetler!


There came a time when Jodi Hochstetler started to think about what might be possible. She wanted to experience new things. It was time to learn and grow. Getting a GED was a big first step to take, but she felt ready.

As she was getting into it, an advisor talked with Jodi about the dedication and effort that would be required to complete the GED process. The advisor said being able to have a goal could be a good motivator. The advisor then asked Jodi what her goal was. Jodi tells us she responded like this: “If I could do anything, I would go to culinary school and I would open a cake shop” and that is exactly what she did.

Last year at his time, Jodi was serving at the Ivy Tech Culinary Program’s “Ivy Impact Gala” as a student wrapping up her studies. This year, she returned as a graduate and business owner. She says, “It was an amazing evening” and we believe her. How cool is it to go back and see your former classmates and instructors and share your talents and success? Gratitude and inspiration both.

Jodi is owner of The Pretty Cakery in Napannee. She wanted to bring “a little bit of Paris” to her hometown. The town has responded enthusiastically to the cakery and the support Jodi has received from the community has been great. For the record, we think Jodi’s cakes and pastries look awe inspiring.

Jodi has big goals. She has given a lot of consideration about what she wants to do and the reasons why. It is a thoughtfulness that shows wisdom not typical of someone so young. Jodi tell us there are two reasons for opening The Pretty Cakery.

First, Jodi wants the shop “to be a blessing to the community and help people feel special and celebrated.” The second goal is more ambitious and, definitely longer term. It is also striking. Jodi wants to be a voice for orphans. Someday, she wants to build orphanages with schools to help children get a good education and prepare them to succeed. Presently, she donates a percentage of each sale to the King’s Ransom Foundation, an organization that serves children around the world.

When asked about her goals, Jodi says she has always enjoyed baking and learned a lot from her mother. Opening a cake shop seemed like a good thing to do.

When talking about her interest in helping children who have no parents, Jodi has to dig a little deeper to explain her motivation. Jodi feels blessed to live in America. She understands just how many children are affected by abject poverty in places like Africa and much of Central America. She can appreciate the difficult lives those kids have and how tough it will be to make a go of it. She wants to help and we have every reason to believe this kind, thoughtful young woman will be able to find a way.