Joe Mehl

Joe Mehl

Joe Mehl • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s very Vibrant Person is Joe Mehl


As you listen to Joe Mehl talk, you get the feeling that there is nothing about Elkhart County that he does not like. He is one of our strongest advocates and most vocal cheerleaders. Maybe it was that short stint living in South Florida that made him realize how good we have it here.

Joe is a native of Goshen. He left town for college down in Indianapolis. It was there he met his wife, Amanda. After graduation, they did move to Ft. Lauderdale, but that didn’t last. Elkhart County was the place for them. They moved to Goshen and settled in.

Soon, the Mehl family – Joe, Amanda, their two daughters, and two dogs- will be moving across the county to Nappanee. Joe wants to make sure his friends cannot accuse him of abandoning Goshen. He plans to remain involved with Goshen’s Noon Kiwanis and Goshen’s Young Professional’s Group.

Joe has a strong belief in making things better. He is optimistic and hopeful for the future. As the Director of Marketing for the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, he is able to see firsthand many of the exciting things that are happening here. He also gets to tell others about them.

Joe and Amanda’s daughters are four years and four months old. While Ruby, the younger one is not quite ready, Joe likes taking older sister Lila on little “Dad and Daughter Adventures.” Together they visit different nearby places and do different things. Most recently, they went to the theater to see the new “Aladdin” movie. (Two thumbs up, by the way.) Joe thinks these experiences will give Lila (and someday Ruby) a stronger attachment of to where she was raised.

Joe says he “thoroughly loves Elkhart County.” We are convinced the feeling runs deep and will remain strong.