John Bowers

John Bowers



John Bowers loves to talk trash.  He’s great at it and that’s a very good thing. As Director of the Elkhart County Landfill, John spends his days thinking about – and talking about – how to deal with what others have discarded.  John is constantly on the lookout for ways to work more productively.  He is known for collaborating with his peers and trying to make things on the job simpler and better. County Commissioner Suze Weirick says, John is “willing to work with anyone, anytime and gets more than his fair share done.”

John appreciates those he manages and encourages having a family atmosphere at work.  This includes the three cats who are members of the landfill team.  “They do a good job,” John says, but he claims their human co-workers spoil them.

John is passionate about helping with the Elkhart County Jail Ministry. He has a strong belief in helping others, especially some who may need a second chance.

Commissioner Weirick says, “While working with John, I truly feel he goes above and beyond to help anyone he comes in contact with AND does it so naturally and willingly that you just want to sing his praises!”

John and Donna, his wife of 33 years, live in Wakarusa and raised their two boys there.  They have three grandchildren and another on the way.

When it comes to what makes John happy, he says, family, especially the grandkids, comes first.  In close second place, however, is going up to Canada and working on the cabin he is building.