John Leavitt

John Leavitt


When we contacted John Leavitt of Nappanee to tell him he had been nominated as one this year’s Vibrant People of Elkhart County, he protested.  He was described to us as “caring and giving” and as the kind of guy who can “communicate and relate with anyone.”  About himself, John said this: “While my kids certainly love me, the last adjective they might use to describe their father would be ‘vibrant!’ Grouchy? Perhaps. Irritable? Maybe. Impatient. For Sure.  All would likely descriptors of their father, but certainly not vibrant.”

Sorry, John but we beg to differ with you and what you tell us your children might say. You have been singled out because of you are friendly, likeable, fun to talk to and have a marvelous sense of humor.  Your former running buddy and now walking partner, Rick Jenkins sums it up best: “John is an amazing person.”

Vibrant Communities tries to inspire people to love Elkhart County.  In his modest way, John speaks volumes about this place we call home.  He says, “I am not sure I really represent the true vibrancy of Elkhart County, but I would tell you it is certainly a terrific place to live, raise a family, and do business.  Furthermore, I CAN attest to the vibrancy of our population as many of the most vibrant are friends, fellow volunteers, co-workers, and business associates!”

Thank you, John.  Whether you admit it or not, you really are a vibrant kind of guy.