John McKee

John McKee

John McKee • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

John McKee is our Vibrant Person today!


John McKee may be retired but he sure is busy. It was difficult while he was working and had corporate responsibilities. Today, John is a super-active volunteer.

John strongly believes in the importance of volunteerism. It is a way to get things done and have an impact on something that benefits the community. He also says that he “likes working with people you like and enjoy being around.”

Much of what John does is related to Middlebury’s parks. He is currently President of the town’s Park Board. John believes the Parks add something valuable to the community and help make Middlebury a more attractive place to visit or to even move to.

John has been highly supportive of Elkhart County’s Quilt Gardens. He once said, “We’re living in Northern Indiana Amish Country. What could be more northern Indiana Amish than quilting and gardening?”

Those who know John say he is highly effective at what he does. They describe him as a gracious and good listener. They see John as an innovative problem solver and motivates others. He told us he wants others to be at their best when they give back to the community.

John and his wife, Linda like to travel extensively. Last year they visited England. Earlier this year, they went out to the West Coast. They really enjoy visiting our country’s national parks and staying in the historic lodges.

We are guessing that John is sometimes inspired by what he sees on his travels. We are certain that if John is inspired, good things will happen.