Kat Bromen

Kat Bromen

Kat Bromen • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Today’s Vibrant Person is Kat Bromen!

We’re telling you right now, folks… Kat Bromen is a live-wire. When she talks about the work she is doing for Elkhart Community Schools, you can feel her energy. She is plugged in and eager to shine. She wants to make teachers’ jobs more effective and give every student the chance to lock in and learn.

“Good teaching is good teaching,” Kat says. She is firm in that belief and Kat is inspired by the chance to make the good, even better. Educational technology is her gateway.

Kat tells us the work she does is “very fulfilling.” When asked exactly what it is she does, the answer does not come quite so easy. You see, Kat is charged with incorporating technology into what happens in the schools on a daily basis. That means she gets to solve problems, break down barriers and get things done. Sometimes, she has to muscle things through and, at other times, she has to sit back and listen. It’s all good. She only wants what is best for those in the classrooms.

Kat came to the South Bend–Elkhart region from Texas. Life in the Longhorn state was just not for her. She and her two children are now fully settled in Elkhart County and loving it. “I am privileged to be here,” she tells us. “I feel like I have talents that people value and I am pleased to make an impact at where I work.” Those who work with Kat are glad she is part of all that is happening with Elkhart Community Schools.

There is one more thing you need to know about Kat. She laughs about it now, but chances are she could kick your ****. Why is that? Well, what else do you do after the birth of your first child but take up kickboxing and train for the U.S. Olympic team? That’s what Kat did. Unfortunately, a serious injury undermined her dream. Child number two came not too much afterwards and life went on.

Seriously, we are just fine with that. We like our bones intact. Besides, Elkhart County is much better off with a dynamo educator than someone who could break your jaw with her heel.

Thanks for finding Elkhart County, Kat. We are glad you are here