Kathy Mikel

Kathy Mikel


Each week, Kathy makes a giant sub sandwich, a red velvet cake (with homemade chocolate frosting), and gets a can of Pringles. She then gives it to a family or person for their dinner. Kathy does this to honor the memory of her daughter Kelsey who died in August of 2004.

Kathy began this gesture as a way to thank those friends and family who had been so supportive in that first year after Kelsey’s death. She does it as a reminder of what a caring, kind, and giving person Kelsey was and tells the recipient each week about Kelsey’s legacy and encourages them to be kind and caring to those in their lives.

It takes someone who has a good soul and a kind heart to turn a loss into a gift. What Kathy does is a gesture that speaks volumes for a mother’s love.  Kathy is humble about her weekly gift. We think it is really an awesome thing to do.

Kathy and her husband Mark have been married for 37 years. They have raised 4 strong and

independent daughters. Kathy has worked as an R.N. for Beacon Health at Memorial Hospital for 36

years. She sings with the Wakarusa United Methodist Church Worship Team. She is an avid runner.  She has dimples on her cheeks and a twinkle in her eye when she smiles.