Kathy Overholt

Kathy Overholt

Kathy Overholt • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today, our Vibrant Couple is Lloyd and Kathy Overholt.


A good neighbor knows when those who live nearby could use a helping hand. A great neighbor offers to assist if they can. That’s what Lloyd and Kathy Overholt did when they realized the woman who lived next door needed help.

The Overholt’s “adopted” Joyce Gerber and helped take care of her home and provided for her other needs until she died. They were generous with their time and attention.

Both Lloyd and Kathy are hardworking, caring and big-hearted. They are involved in several organizations including 4-H.

Lloyd was one of the founders of the Cheyenne’s, a 4-H club based in Elkhart. Kathy has been actively involved for about 20 years.

Lloyd is humble when talking about the good things he does, but he is effusive in his praise for Kathy. He says, “She is a mom, nurse, instructor, church treasurer and helps out with the Cheyenne’s.” Lloyd adds, “Kathy gets embarrassed when attention is brought to her.”

The Overholt’s enjoy camping and working on various projects with their daughter, Sharon.
This year their home was a little fuller. They had a foreign exchange student living with them this past school year.

Having neighborhoods that are lively, well cared for and desirable places to live is part of making a community vibrant. Having neighbors like the Overholt’s helps make the neighborhood better.