Katie Meyers

Katie Meyers

Katie Meyers • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s seriously Vibrant Person is Katie Meyers!!!


As a young girl, Katie Meyers says she had two things she wanted to do when she grew up: “To be a bum and a joke teller.” As an English teacher at Concord Junior High School, some may say she has been able to be both. Katie also claims she is a lot like her Grandpa Wimpy, a WWII Marine veteran. That helps keeps kids in line.

Katie says all this with a nod, a wink and a smile. Her sense of humor is well known and her enthusiasm for her work is easy to see. She loves playing for laughs. She also delights in watching the light bulbs go on over the heads of her students. It is a great reward to see that moment when a youngster gets it.

Katie teaches Language Arts. While that includes a stiff dose of writing and grammar, it also provides her a chance to help her students become more aware, learn to articulate their ideas and respect boundaries and limits. “I love what I do,” she tells us with great certainty.

We were told Katie likes to sing and we asked her about it. “Oh goodness,” she replied. “These days, it’s only when I am called upon at church.” She adds, “Or in the shower.” And then, “Or in the car. My kids are always telling me I don’t even know the words.” We don’t think that is about to stop her.

Katie’s two boys keep her on her toes and often with a smile. She tells us, “Aidan is 15 going on 60 and Brennan is 12 going on infinity.” We get the feeling that teacher mom keeps the boys equally embarrassed and inspired. It is what mothers of kids those ages are supposed to do.

We had a delightful chat with Katie. She is a great conversationalist with a quick laugh and a relaxed vibe. We can see why her students like being in her class. They can laugh and learn. What a treat.