Kaylee and Makenna Gall

Kaylee and Makenna Gall

Kaylee and Makenna Gall • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Twins are Kaylee and Makenna Gall!!!


Whether their numbers are low or high, the Gall twins always know the score. Kylee and Makenna like high scores in the classroom in and low scores on the golf course. Fortunately, that’s the way it’s working out. (Of course, a few more birdies are always welcome.)

The Gall girls are seniors-to-be at Northwood High School. This fall, they will be playing their fourth season on the girl’s golf team. They are also part of the school’s math and science team. They are not sure where they will attend university, but a STEM-related major is likely for both.

The twins do enjoy studying. They also like painting, reading and traveling. They have already been to 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska are needed to fill out the map. “Our parents say we have to pay for that,” they tell us.

We asked Makenna and Kylee if they did everything together. They huddled and talked it over. They said they sometimes do things on their own. We then asked what’s the longest amount of time they have been apart from each other. The answer that question took a little more deliberation. Their answer: “Two days.”

Yes, the Gall twins are close and yes, they are a good team. That’s part of what makes them extra-special. Another reason? These kids have big hearts.

We were told Kylee and Makenna spent two weeks of their summer volunteering at All Kids Camp for children of all ability levels. The girls took the initiative to help the children in every aspect of the camp. They brought smiles to every one of the youngsters’ faces. That’s no surprise. That’s the kind of people they are.

We wish great fortune to Kylee and Makenna. We hope they go off to college and learn lots. Here’s what we really hope: Someday they return to Elkhart County and start a business in cybersecurity or something like that. When the business takes off, they bring lots of other smart, vibrant people just like them to call this place home.

Now, that’s just a thought, but is it wrong to put an idea into the minds of a couple of talented twins?