Keenan Wenger

Keenan Wenger

Keenan Wenger • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Keenan Wenger’s basketball career ended in sixth grade. “I had 10 left feet,” he admits. Hardwood fame and fortune were not in the cards for Keenan. It just wasn’t meant to be.

However, Keenan’s love for the game has not diminished. As the courtside announcer for Bethany Christian’s boys and girl’s basketball teams, he gets to watch plenty of action. Seeing his face in the crowd at games both home and away is expected. Driving an hour and one half to see the Bruins play is hardly unusual for Keenan.

Recently, Keenan’s presence has been a source of comfort for many Bethany players and fans. The school is still reeling from the tragic death of senior captain KeShawn Smith. Like all associated with the school, Keenan was deeply saddened upon learning about the deadly accident. The tight-knit Bethany Christian community is dealing with the loss of KeShawn together. Keenan is there to help and support.

It is the extent of his willingness to help others that distinguishes Keenan. Former Bethany student, Ronit Goswami explains, “Keenan has a very distinct talent for caregiving.” You can see that by his children including those Keenan and Cj have adopted and nurtured. The kids, now adults aged 20 to 44, came from varied backgrounds, but each had a need for a family. The Wenger’s filled that need.

Yesterday, you had a chance to meet McCray Wenger. His story is just one example of the good things the children the Wenger’s raised are accomplishing.

“Keenan is an excellent role model who shows a positive attitude. He goes out of his way to help others and shows unconditional love for most everyone he meets,” Ronit says. He adds,” His generosity and care for others goes beyond limits.”

Keenan was born and raised in Elkhart County. He graduated from Jimtown High School. He went to college at Ball State and returned to the area upon getting his degree. For many years, he taught elementary school in the Concord system. He has since retired from the classroom, but Keenan has no desire to stop working with kids.

These days, Keenan works at Bethany Christian School’s cafeteria. Surely, he is the school’s most popular “lunch lady.” It is a fun and easy way to be around the students. Keenan’s good humor makes it easy for the kids to relate to him.

Keenan may not have become the basketball player he may have hoped to be. He has definitely become the kind of person people a happy to know.