Kelly Linhart

Kelly Linhart

Kelly Linhart • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

This week we are doing something a little bit different. We have a warm spot in our hearts for that part of Elkhart County told us to “Embrace the Pace.” We are embracing that place called Nappanee and we are celebrating several women who live there. They are all interesting, dynamic and would make for great friends and neighbors.

Our first Vibrant Woman from Nappanee is Kelly Linhart!


Having lived in Nappanee for “only” 18 years and despite being active in the community and at Nappanee Missionary Church, Kelly Linhart and her husband Terry are still considered “newbies” by some of the townspeople.

“Transplants” is a term they hear describing them from time to time. It’s all good though, the Linhart’s know that for some in Nappanee being a newbie means you are only second generation on both sides of the family.

Like many in Nappanee family means much to Kelly Linhart. She and Terry have been married for 32 years. They have three grown and married children. They enjoy hanging out together.

There is also the Linhart’s “Family of Families.” This is a group of friends that gets together every couple of weeks to enjoy each other’s company. What started as a Bible study group (that continues), has become something like an extended family. There is a special kinship that develops when you see each other on a routine basis for over 15 years.

Kelly is a former teacher and has been involved in several area businesses. She is now the local franchisee for Visiting Angels. It is a non-medical, living assistance organization that serves seniors and disabled adults. Kelly’s group serves Elkhart, Marshall, and Kosciusko counties. She treats her employees well and they provide a much-needed service.

Kelly is considerate, kind and caring. That’s a great way to describe our Vibrant Woman of Nappanee.