Kelly Regier

Kelly Regier

Kelly Regier • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


She has a passion for fashion, the desire to bring out the best in others and an ambition to succeed in retail, a field some say is dying. Kelly Regier of Elkhart is doubling down on her home town. She and husband Rees have been frantically working to get their boutique on Main Street just the way they want it. They are really close.

Kelly brought Twisted String to Elkhart in time for holiday shopping last year. Now, she says, “We are making it ours and it’s awesome. We are excited about the location.” The shop is on Main Street near Lexington. “It’s great to be able to support our hometown. It’s nice to see this place coming back.”

Kelly and Rees are giving the interior a complete reboot and it will be very distinct. Think of the place as having an old school industrial look but featuring on-trend apparel. The shop will have the feel of a textile mill from 100 years ago. That’s where the Twisted String name comes from. It refers to a way to make the fabric stronger. The store will feature a mural of a young lady working in a factory.

The clothing sold at Twisted String is definitely appealing to fashionistas. It is not for everyone, but for way more people than they might think. “I am always pushing my customers to be more expressive through their clothing,” Kelly says. “It’s good to get a little out of your comfort zone and push your limits.” She gets great satisfaction when a client tells her how many compliments she got for wearing what Kelly suggested.

The shop is a family affair. “It’s just us,” Kelly says. In addition to Rees, there is son Preston and daughter Diana. “They have grown up with the business,” Kelly says.

Kelly is spirited and upbeat. She sees her role as not just to make others look good, but to help them gain self-confidence and show more of who they are.

Kelly is excited about having the shop on Main Street. She also intends to be a force in the growth of downtown Elkhart. “We’re here to stay,” she says.