Kelsey Rockstroh

Kelsey Rockstroh

Kelsey Rockstroh • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Thursday’s Vibrant Person is Kelsey Rockstroh!


We need skilled, motivated kids who will someday be called on to continue making Elkhart County a vibrant place that will be home for generations to come. We are truly fortunate to have so many wonderful people who work for our county’s school systems. The things we hear about these dedicated educators cause us to think about the important work they do.

Not everyone who interacts with kids each day is in the classroom. Good schools need janitors, cafeteria employees, bus drivers and, of course, school nurses.

A great school nurse is of tremendous value. They do much more than patch up scrapes and take care of the youngster whose lunch didn’t sit so well. School nurses are often counted on to be diligent observers, attentive listeners, advisors, helping hands, a source of comfort and more.

According to Micah Lambert, Mary Feeser school in Elkhart “is blessed to have such an outstanding nurse.” Kelsey Rockstroh loves her job and it shows. She has a glorious smile and she shares it every single day. Kelsey brightens the lives of students and staff with her demeanor. She makes a point to making every day at Feeser just a little bit better.

Kelsey is the kind of person who steps up when needed. She will answer phones, greet people or sooth a youngster who is upset. She will make sure a kid gets the proper meds at the right time. She understands that keeping everyone healthy and happy makes a learning environment much more effective.

Here are some of the ways Kelsey has been described: “devoted, hard-working, funny, intelligent, dedicated, a joy to be around, someone who lifts up others, spirited, caring, and warm-hearted.” Kelsey is yet another example of the kind of person that makes our communities so vibrant.

When we told Kelsey she was going to be recognized, she was quick to respond: “I seriously know some pretty amazing people! There are so many deserving people in this community! I am honestly in awe and pretty much at a loss for words—which for those who know me is not easy to do!” Okay. We’ll add loquacious to the list, but that’s just more talk.

As this school year winds down, let’s make a point to express our gratitude to all the devoted people who work at Elkhart County Schools. Let this tip of the hat to Kelsey serve as an example of how to say “thanks”.

Thanks, Kelsey!