Kendra Divine

Kendra Divine

This is no joke.

What do you get when you mix someone with a bubbly personality, has a desire for helping those who teach and learn and who gets the computer and technology stuff?  You get Kendra Divine, a Digital Learning Specialist for Concord Schools.  Kendra provides support for those involved in blending using computers to learn with person-to-person education.  Friends describe her as peppy, encouraging and thoughtful.

Kendra is always striving to help teachers find unique ways to engage students in the classroom.   She is patient and kindhearted.  One colleague says, she “goes far beyond what is expected to help others learn how to function in the digital age.”  She is encouraging and thoughtful.  She will often reach out to teachers to let them know she is there to help them and make their jobs a little easier.  She thinks her co-workers are “Amazing people with a passion for helping others.”

Kendra and her husband have a dog, two cats and 10 chickens.  She refers to the chickens as “the ladies.”

Loving nature and being outdoors help keep Kendra healthy and happy.  She likes to hike and loves to travel.  Kendra enjoys good food, good coffee and loves a well-made chai latte.