Kevin Koch

Kevin Koch

Kevin Koch • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


To be a bespoke tailor who has traveled all over the world and has not yet made it to Italy, well known for fashion and quality tailoring, just seems wrong. Kevin Koch has been to India, West Africa, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and most of Europe. He has not been to Italy. That will change. He is currently is planning a trip to Italy and Greece.

Kevin is the main man at Koch House of Design in Goshen. “I’m a custom Tailor,” Kevin told the South Bend Tribune. “I’m trained in a very old tradition.” He was determined to learn the craft and was persistent in asking Enrique San Juan for an apprenticeship. After a year or so of being asked, Mr. San Juan relented. Kevin was on his way and he has not stopped, both sewing and learning.

In the restored church that is both shop and home, Kevin is the Master Tailor and leads a team of skilled craftspeople and apprentices to make the highest quality apparel. It is a family affair. Wife Jeannie and two of the couple’s four adult children work with Kevin. All four were raised in the business.

In nominating Kevin as one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People, Jon Hunsberger says Kevin is “A wonderful human with an excellent eye for fashion. Kevin’s vibrancy is demonstrated through fiber masterpieces and authentic community.” Koch House of Design is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. It is a place in which all are welcome and treated with care and class.

It is not easy work. Made-to-measure clothing is carefully constructed. There are no mass production processes. Attention to detail is a must. Planning and design have to be precise. Execution is essential. Knowing exactly what clients want and how to please them is an art unto itself. Kevin does all with panache.

Image courtesy of The South Bend Tribune