Kim Barella

Kim Barella

Kim Barella • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our kind and generous Vibrant Person today is Kim Barella!!!


Like many who were born and raised in Elkhart County, Kim Barella moved away when she was a young adult. Like a lot who have done the same, she came back to be closer to family.

Kim waits on tables at 523 in Elkhart. She tells us, “I have been a server longer than I can remember.” She’s a good one and it is more than a matter of experience. Frequent customers appreciate her friendliness and attentiveness. When you are seated in her section you will get a nice greeting and your food and drinks will be done right.

Kim has a green thumb and, we are told, her garden is massive. The uses her talents to raise vegetables for those who might not be able to buy them locally grown and freshly picked. Kim says, “I was inspired to help people have good food, so I started growing the garden.” She donates what she grows to several organizations throughout Elkhart County.

Kim also collects dry goods for those who do not have a place to live. She provides the area’s homeless blankets, tarps and sleeping bags. They are “the things they need to survive on the streets.”

It takes a kind-hearted person to work so hard to help those who are less fortunate. Kim is such a person and she does what she does with humility and grace.

Here’s an idea: Make a donation this week to any of the outstanding organizations in Elkhart County whose mission it is to feed the hungry, heal the sick, give clothes to those who need them and provide a warm and safe place to stay. Tell them Kim sent you.