Kris Mueller

Kris Mueller


Kris Mueller is effervescent.  She bubbles with enthusiasm about Middlebury. The town that is where her heart is.  “I wasn’t born here,” she says, “but I have been made to feel like I did.”  She loves the close knit and welcoming community she has found here.  She adds, “I like walking downtown, being recognized and greeting people.  I know these people.  They are friendly people who make you feel like you belong here.”

Kris certainly belongs in Middlebury.  She is a Deputy Trustee for the township and active in several organizations such as the Food Pantry, Optimists and the Boys and Girls Club.  “I like being involved in things to do with kids,” she says.  Kris has even answered letters that have been addressed to a certain special someone at Christmastime that have been dropped off at the Middlebury post office.

If there is one dream Kris would like to have come true is that Middlebury’s compact downtown had a little more space for activities and events. “It would be great to have the room in town to be able to make all the wonderful ideas people have for things to do happen,” she says.  “Then more people could be able to come and enjoy what we have here.”

Kris and her husband Brian have raised three boys in Middlebury.  “We just belong here.  This is the hub.”