Kristen Smoles

Kristen Smoles

Kristen Smoles • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Kristen Smoles!!!


Not too long ago, Kristen Smoles made a significant realization about her life. Kristen wants to make a big impact on what happens and how things go, especially where she lives. She realized that Elkhart County was the place for her and we are very glad she did.

Kristen has a love for animals. She has her own small pack of dogs. When she was younger, she worked at an animal clinic and liked it a lot. She thought about being a vet. That was her plan when she went off to Purdue.

Somewhere along the line, Kristen discovered an interest in matters related to civics, government, and politics. She decided to pursue that academically and professionally.

Kristen added an undergraduate degree in Political Science and went on to get her master’s. With the coursework done on her doctorate, Kristen has decided to focus on matters that are less theoretical and more impactful. That is why she returned to Elkhart County.

Presently, Kristen is exploring opportunities. Her drive and abilities will make her valuable in a number of capacities. No matter where she lands, she will excel. Most importantly, she wants that to happen in the place she was raised, right here in Elkhart County.