Kyle Sears

Kyle Sears

Kyle Sears • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Kyle Sears is today’s Vibrant person!

One of the real maddening things about basketball in March is that very few teams get to end their season with a win. While losing that last game might have had Elkhart Memorial’s boys coach Kyle Sears a bit down, he looks at things a little differently. “It’s never great when the season ends,” he says. “The hardest part is seeing the seniors leaving after spending so much time with the guys. It’s not easy letting go.”

Kyle is an Elkhart guy through and through and he is proud of that. He was raised here and played hoops at Memorial. After an outstanding career at Bethel College, he could not pass up the opportunity to return to his high school alma mater.

Whether it is on the court or in the classroom, Kyle relishes the time he spends with the students. As he tells it, there is a great feeling about talking with and joking with students and getting the chance to make some kid’s day.

Teaching and Coaching are part of the Sears family DNA. Kyle’s father, Craig and brother, Sean are both high school coaches. Kara, Kyle’s wife of 12 years, also teaches at Memorial.

The Sears have two energetic youngsters. Daughter, Payton is in fourth grade and son Ethan is a third grader.

Kyle hopes that the Elkhart community continues to come together. He believes it is important to “get behind kids and help them do their best.” When he says this, Kyle is not just talking about his children, his players or his students. He is talking about all kids in Elkhart County. “We have to support kids,” he says. Now, this may sound like a cliché but it is imperative that we do not forget for one moment, “They are our future.”

Well said, Coach Sears.