Kylie Madison

Kylie Madison

Kylie Madison • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Sunday’s Vibrant Person is Kylie Madison!!!


“I could make an incredibly long list of things that makes Kylie special,” her sister, Chloe says about Kylie Madison. Chloe adds: “There is not a day that goes by that she is not caring for someone or helping someone. Kylie has an almost sixth sense because she can just tell when someone needs encouragement or help. I think it is the fact that she is such an empathetic person.”

Kylie likes working with people. She is a personal trainer helping others get more fit. She is also a nanny.

Last year Kylie’s other sister, Laurie and her husband had a baby. Kylie knew Laurie wanted someone she could trust take care of the young one and Kylie offered to help. It is the kind of person Kylie is. She is kind, generous and willing to step in when needed.

Kylie also has an entrepreneurial spirit. She is starting an online clothing boutique. Plans are to carry a diverse range of styles. “We want to have something for everybody,” Kylie tells us. “We want to help people feel better about themselves.” She adds that is one of her goals in life.

Kylie was enjoying a day on Lake Michigan when we reached her. She likes getting outdoors. She likes to hike, run at Fidler Pond and bike the Pumpkinvine Trail. Kylie also enjoys hanging with Brutus, her trusty sharpei – black lab mix.