Lab Rats

Lab Rats

Lab Rats • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Team is the Lab Rats!!


There are lab rats that run the maze. There are the lab rats who are scientific types who love their work. There is a “Lab Rats” program for kids on the Disney Channel. And there is Elkhart’s very own Lab Rats, our county’s vibrant trivia team.

The Lab Rats got their start at the now gone Miles Lab and their regular trivia contests. Although they are modest about it, they were known as fierce competitors whose combined knowledge of the information of little use was encyclopedic. The group would play for the gift cards that were awarded the winners. They would then give their winnings to deserving charities.

Since the closing of Miles Lab, the group has moved on. Today, they are setting up shop at Rulli’s on County Road 17. The team is slowly establishing itself as a force in that fine establishment. They already have two or three wins and are hungry for more.

The group will have occasional subs or part-time players. Regulars include David DuFour, Roger Hull, Daniele Dodwell, Nancy Nichols, Sandy Litchenberger, Scott Patanelli and Cindy Amos. We are probably missing a handful, but those who gave us the names either had a senior moment or the others are in the witness protection program. (Feel Free to add names in the comment section.)

Here’s cheers to Lab Rats. Keep winning and keep giving.

Test your age and knowledge of Trivia (Answers will be posted Monday, June 17.)

1. In the 1960’s TV Show “Dobie Gillis” what did the middle initial of his sidekick Maynard G. Krebs stand for?
2. Name the three hip cops in Mod Squad.
3. Who was NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw’s first wife?
4. Who was Pete Best?
5. What was figure skater Dorothy Hamill’s signature move called?