Leah Benavente

Leah Benavente


According to her co-worker Ashley Jordan, Leah Benavente has inspired her team members and community “more than she will ever know.” Leah has been a critical part of the Acts of Service movement helping team members from Lippert Components contribute over100,000 hours of community service.  She’s involved in several nonprofit organizations throughout the area and is passionate about making a difference in her community.  “She’s valued and appreciated by all who know her,” Ashley continued.

Ashley also said, Leah “would save the world one animal at a time if she could.” Leah takes on the challenge of training dogs who have likely been abused and have been tagged to be put down by shelters.

Leah is also part of a band called Red Light Radio.  “It’s a fun thing to do,” she said. “We play rockabilly and blues and don’t want any drama.  For now, the band is playing for fundraiser events.

Leah loves nature and hiking and kayaking are things she enjoys doing with her family.