Leanne Martin

Leanne Martin


Brad Miller lost 85 pounds and completed his first 5k race last fall.  He gives much of the credit for his success to Leanne Miller of the Goshen Center for Weight Reduction.  “She motivates all of us to go well beyond our own perceived limitations and succeed,” he says.

Leanne is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer.  She is vivacious, energetic and willing to help others achieve their goals.  She says she is “passionate about motivating and helping others to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”  Leanne does this by tailoring individual plans for her clients and supporting them to reach their goals.  Again, Brad Miller: “Leanne’s fitness classes that she has developed for the patients are totally enjoyable while exhausting at the same time. Her energy and positive attitude intrinsically allow us to do our very best, even on days when we aren’t at our best.”

Leanne preaches health and fitness.  She really enjoys working out.  At present, she is training for her first body building competition.  She and her roommate will be in front of the judges at a contest to be held in Flint Michigan in mid-April.

Leanne also likes concerts and music festivals.  EDM, Electronic Dance Music, is her fav.  It’s a broadly defined term for music made from inorganic sounds and timbres.  It often is rhythm heavy with deep bass and a pulsating beat.  It’s just the right sound for dancing and moving.

After finishing up at Elkhart Central, Leanne followed her brother’s footsteps to Bloomington.  She loved her time at IU, but was ready to return to the area after graduation in 2017.  We’re glad she chose to come back.