Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson


Gloria Moser has been friends with Linda Thompson since they were children. They were neighbors when they were young and rode the bus to school together. It’s no surprise that Gloria describes Linda as “a friendly, caring person who goes out of her way to help people at a very difficult time.” Many feel same about Linda.

Linda works in the family business, Thompson-Lengacher & Yoder Funeral Homes. They have been serving families in Nappanee and Wakarusa for over 35 years. It is work that calls for great empathy and consideration for others. Linda demonstrates those critical skills daily. 

But make no mistake, Linda Thompson is not a somber person. Ask her family. She works with several of its members and she relishes the time they can all be together away from the job. She is particularly grateful for the chance to be with her six grandchildren. They range from second graders to a senior in college. 

Linda enjoys cooking and baking. “It relaxes me,” she says. Linda is often making food to share with friends or others in the community. “I just feel very blessed to be able to share with our friends and family along the way. Life is good and better when you can lift someone’s spirits and surprise them now and then,” she says.

One of Linda’s special talents is making sweet treats for serving at the tea parties she hosts. It is fun to polish the silver and use the nice china. She says it “brings out the little girl in me.” 

Being able to maintain relationships over many years is special. Ask Gloria or ask Linda’s husband, Larry. They will be married 48 years this October. 

When we asked Linda to send us a picture, she added a note. She wrote, “I still do not feel like I deserve any special notice.” We called Gloria and asked her about this. As longtime friends can do, she strongly disagreed with Linda. And we are taking sides with Gloria. Linda Thompson is a special person.