Lizzie Odiorne

Lizzie Odiorne

Lizzie Odiorne • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Lizzie Odiorne is today’s Vibrant Woman from Nappanee!!

If there is a pageant in and around the WaNee part of Elkhart County, you can be sure that Lizzie Odiorne is involved. Pageants give Lizzie the opportunity to use her organizational skills to put on community-oriented events that give others a chance to shine.

Lizzie describes herself as a “two townie.” She was raised in Wakarusa but now lives in Nappanee. She is unabashed in her love of both.

Lizzie attended Northwood High School and was on the cheerleader squad. Her bubbly personality made her a natural. She also competed in the Apple Blossom Queen pageant. She did not win, but she did place and earned some scholarship money.

Lizzie says the pageants help young people get involved in something in their community. Plus, she says, “They a lot of fun.” Winners get to appear in parades and at other events. Lizzie helps in those activities as well. She is also quick to give credit to her sidekick, Morgan.

Lizzie is a nanny and works part-time at Dutch Lady Antiques in Coppes Common.

Last October, Lizzie was involved in another special event. That was when she married Jesse Odiorne. They have made their home in Nappanee and have two dogs, two cats, two saltwater fish tanks and only one guinea pig.