Lori Hoyt King

Lori Hoyt King


Lori Hoyt King is today’s Vibrant Person!

“I am comfortable not having a 9-to-5 job,” Pastor Lori Hoyt King tells us. Rather, Pastor King takes comfort in being of service to others. With her late husband, Pastor Frank King, Lori co-founded Guidance Ministries.

A vibrant community recognizes and appreciates all types of people, even those without a place to call home. “We have been able to expand our services for the homeless,” Pastor Lori explained. It is one of the many things that Guidance Ministries does for those who need help. They also offer meals, a place to stay warm and help make some families Christmas a little brighter. “I love the Lord,” she says, “and I love the people in my community.” She thinks Elkhart is a great place and “has the best people.”

Friends say Lori has a fantastic smile. Twila Kleitz says, “She is such a joy and blessing to be around. Pastor King has a very uplifting spirit. She looks on the bright side.”

“It would be terrible if I were a grumpy person,” Lori says.

Lori loves being a mom and grandmother and she is grateful for her calling. Her work as a pastor and volunteering give her both meaningful things to do and a way to deal with the loss of her husband.

Pastor Lori describes herself as a “very curious person.” She likes trying new foods, finding new shops, different places to go and interesting things to do. “I have to be one of the first to check it out,” she says.