Lorrie Palmer

Lorrie Palmer

Lorrie Palmer • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

We are a little tardy today. Hearing about Lorrie Palmer, today’s Vibrant Person is worth the wait.


Lorrie Palmer has a knack for capturing really special moments. As a newborn and maternity fine arts photographer, she has come to appreciate the care her clients need. “We want people to enjoy the memories,” she says, knowing full well her tiniest subjects will never recall posing for their first portraits.

Even though the newborns won’t remember what happened, Lorrie takes great caution making sure they are treated with the utmost care. She is a stickler for every detail relating to the health and safety of the baby. She also understands that the birth of a child can physically, emotionally and mentally challenging for parents, especially the mother. She wants to make sure mom gets some attention too.

Lorrie has compassion for new mothers. She understands the joy that comes with giving birth and wants to give the family something they can treasure for years to come. That something is more than a picture. It is being able to look back at the photo session and remember fondly that the family was treated with understanding, kindness and, yes, love. It is an experience worth remembering.

Lorrie and her husband, Justin have four children of their own. When asked the ages of the kids, Lorrie pauses for a second. Then she tells you the kids are aged 16, 10, 8 and 1 and that there is never a dull moment in the Palmer household. She quickly adds, “our house is where you will often find the neighborhood kids. They like playing there.” Lorrie and Justin are just fine with that.

When you talk with Lorrie, you can feel her dedication to her work. She has made an effort to develop her expertise in photographing newborns and she is willing to share her knowledge. Later this year, she will be conducting a workshop to help other photographers learn the ins and out of dealing with a newly born child.
Lorrie is mindful of how she approaches life. “I filter my decisions through kindness and trying to be a loving person,” she says. “I am sensitive to the stark differences in people and their attitudes and perceptions. I try to be understanding and compassionate.”

As your conversation winds down, Lorrie leaves you with this: “I am blessed to feel the way that I do.” What a lovely thought.