Malcolm Webber

Malcolm Webber

Malcolm Webber • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Malcolm Webber!!


Malcolm Webber is a man on a mission. That mission has taken him all over the world. At times, the work can be very sensitive. When we spoke with Malcolm he was in Europe, meeting with a group from the Middle East.

Malcolm heads a not-for-profit organization called LeaderSource. He and his team help those who have the calling develop the skills and attributes to lead. It is a unique approach and steeped in Malcolm’s very deep faith.

Malcolm has conducted programs and workshops in all kinds of places. The list of organizations that have partnered with LeaderSource is long and impressive. The ripple effect of the training is huge. Malcolm says, “It is a great privilege to serve those we work with.”

At times, Malcolm and his team have been called on to go to some troubling places. He has found himself in the Middle East, Asia, and the former Soviet Union before and after the collapse. Although there have been tensions and a few scary moments, Malcolm carries on. It is his mission.

Malcolm tells us he did not always follow the straight and narrow when he was younger. He said things had gotten “pretty dark.” At age 19, he had what he calls “a dramatic conversion” and became a Christian.

Born in Australia, Malcolm came to the U.S. in the mid-’80s and found his way to Elkhart. He and his wife, Ruth have six children and four grandchildren.

Talking to Malcolm, you can feel his energy and drive. He is inspired and inspiring. He has stories to tell and he tells them very well.