Marcia Yost

Marcia Yost

Marcia Yost • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Today’s Vibrant person is Marcia Yost!

“My life has been dedicated to music and the arts in Elkhart County and beyond.” That simple statement speaks volumes about Marcia Yost of Goshen. “I have a lot of involvements,” she says. The list of what Marcia is involved in is not only impressive, it would exhaust most of us.

Marcia sees it differently. “I am fortunate to get up every day and have something new and exciting to do,” she says. She is an educator, volunteer, board member, activist and all-around supporter of the arts. Marcia has retired from public education and she is now Director of the Arts for Goshen College. Arts engagement and outreach are big parts of the job.

Marcia is passionate about supporting the arts in our community in any type of capacity possible. Whether it’s elementary-aged children or seniors living at Greencroft, she finds a way to become involved. She is a true champion.

Marcia taught in Elkhart County Public Schools for 40 years. As Director of the Choir at Goshen High School, she built a program that garnered state and national attention. The group won numerous awards and were highly regarded. Currently, Marcia sits on the Mayor’s Arts Council in Goshen and on the Board of Goshen Theatre.

You can tell by talking with Marcia how important learning is to her. She walks the talk by being part of the Horizon Project and the Lifelong Learning Institute.

We were told Marcia is a multi-instrumentalist. We asked her how many instruments she could play. “Oh, I don’t know,” she responded. “Quite a few.” When pressed, she added, “a couple of handfuls. Piano, guitar, banjo and French horn are just some examples. There’s more.

Marcia’s family has long had roots in Goshen. By her calculations, there have been four generations. Her daughter Madeline came back after finishing college and is now living in Goshen.

A vibrant community begs for a lively music and arts scene. It should also foster learning and personal growth. Elkhart County is fortunate to have Marcia Yost and others like her call it home. Thank you, Marcia. Bravo.